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Who we are

Who we are



Come to the Land of Persia, Paradise, Palaces and Poetry with Yazd Daily Tours. Iran is truly the land of oppositions and varieties. It is a domain that incorporates lowland and high lands. You can experience sizzling days and freezing days in this country. There are simultaneously some forests and some deserts.
Iran is also a country of great ethnic diversity, multiculturalism with a magnificent cultural heritage. Iran was the greatest empire of the ancient world in the old days. In the middle ages and modern times, Iran has been at the crossroads of civilizations. It is at the intersection where east meets west and south crosses north.
Numerous architectural marvels and opportunities to experience and share the urban, rural and nomadic lifestyle of Iranians makes Iran a prime destination for all who love nature, appreciate culture and enjoy travel.

Our Approach

IYazd Daily Tours with cooperation of Stars land Agency provides full-package services which includes applying for Visa, full board accommodation at the best available hotels, arranging all sorts of tours (cultural, eco, culinary, religious…) and booking of domestic/international flights and hotels.
Please contact Yazd Daily Tours with your specific requirements and we will provide you with one of our many itineraries, from classic one-week to specialized four-week, daily or longer, together with our rates and the detailed program.

Our leaders on the ground

Our sociable knowledgeable tour guides can speak English, French, German and Spanish as fluently as possible. We pride ourselves in the extensive, firsthand knowledge and personalized service our team of experts can offer. The complete satisfaction of our travelers is quite essential for us. Since we know each person and his/her journey are unique, we focus on customer satisfaction with the best competitive prices. Not only we specialize in cultural, archaeological, architectural, religious and ethnological tours, but also we are ready to arrange your desired tours. We also organize business travel for commercial and trade delegations and help arrange the required meetings, congresses and conferences.


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Team Member

Maryam Jalali Farahani

Founder / CEO

Ehsan Balaketfi

Marketing Director

Omid Kiastfar

English / Spanish Tour Guide

Fakhreddin Hakimi

IT Manager

Mohammad kaze Noori Khezr abad

Tour Leader

Firouzeh Khalifeh Shirazi

English / French Tour Leader

Tahereh Bakhshi

Farzaneh Pour Chit Saz

Tour Leader

Kazem Pour Chit Saz

Tour Leader

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