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Package 2: Visiting Yazd Old Houses Tour

Visiting yazd's old houses

Package Details

(Half Day tour, 3 selected places as a tourist wishes) 1 to 4 persons 30 Euros

(One Day tour) 6 houses, 1 to 4 persons 42 Euros

  • Inclusions: The price includes transportation fees and an English speaking tour guide attendence.
  • For inclusion of entrance fees 5 Euros will be added to the price.
  • For inclusion of a main meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) 10 Euros and for a refreshment 5 Euros will be added to the price.
  • Groups up to 3 persons will be transfered with a car/taxi. Groups of 4 or more persons will be transfered with a minibus/bus/van.
  • We are ready to prepare convinient facilities for persons with special needs.
  • In all our tours, the local english persian speaking person picks you up at your hotel/hostel/ inn/... and at the end of the tour returns you to the same place.

1. Rafieean house (Tourists's Library)
2. Moshir Almamalek garden house
3. Art house
4. Father house
5. Mozzafar house
6. Moshir house

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Item Package Intro

  • Package Duration: Half day / One day
  • Destination: Rafieean house (Tourists's Library) - Moshir Almamalek garden house - Art house - Father house - Mozzafar house - Moshir house
  • Price: 30 Euros for 1 to 4 persons
Package Price: €30.00

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