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Package 10: Culinary (Experience Iranian Lifestyle)

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Persian cuisine:
Learnig how to cook Persian main dishes (selected by the tourists) with help of an Iranian family and eating it. (fesenjan stew. Bademjan stew. Zereshk polo va morgh. Kalam polo shirazi. Ghormeh sabsi stew. Gheimeh stew. Abgousht. Makaroni with tahdige sibzamini.)

Half Day (4 hours_ lunch/dinner): 1 person  45 Euros.
One Day (8 hours_ lunch and dinner) : 1 person 90 Euros. (2 meals)

  • Inclusions: eating the cooked food for free in an Iranian house. Transfer fee.
  • In all our tours, the English speaking tour guide picks you up at your hotel/hostel/inn/... and at the end of the tour returns you to the same place.
  • Groups up to 3 persons will be transferred with a car/taxi. And groups of 4 or more persons will be transferred with a mini bus/bus/van.
  • We are ready to prepare convinient facilities for persons with special needs.



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Item Package Intro

  • Package Duration: Half day / One day
  • Destination: fesenjan stew - Bademjan stew - Zereshk polo va morgh - Kalam polo shirazi - Ghormeh sabsi stew - Gheimeh stew - Abgousht - Makaroni with tahdige sibzamini
  • Price: 45 Euros for 1 person
Package Price: €45.00

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