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Package 12: Culinary (Feel Iranian Kindness and Hospitality)

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Persian cuisine:
Learnig how to cook persian desserts. ( halva. Shole zard. Fereni) (selected by the tourists) with help of an Iranian family and eating it.

Half Day (4 hours_ lunch/dinner): 1 erson 45 Euros.
One Day (8 hours_ lunch and dinner) : 1 erson 90 Euros. (2 meals)

  • Inclusions: serving the cooked food for free in an Iranian house. Transfer fees.
  • Groups up to 3 persons will be transferred with a car/taxi. Groups of 4 or more persons will be transferred with a mini bus/bus/van.
  • We are ready to prepare convinient facilities for persons with special needs.
  • In all our tours, the English speaking person picks you up at your hotel/hostel/inn/... and at the end of the tour returns you to the same place.

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Item Package Intro

  • Package Duration: Half day / One day
  • Destination: halva - Shole zard - Fereni
  • Price: 45 Euros for 1 person
Package Price: €45.00

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