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Friday, 26 September 2014 00:00

Zoroastrian Fire Temple


Zoroastrian comes from around teh world to visit this Sacred Eternal Flame in a plae called Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd, the Flame or fire believed to have been burning since about AD 470. The fire is visible through a window from the entrance hall.

The Fire that is burning inside the Zoroastrian Fire Temple was transferred to Ardakan in 1174, then to Yazd in 1474 and to its present place in 1940. Above the entrance you can see the Faravahar symbol.

The Zoroastrian Fire Temple building was built in 1934 under the supervision of Jamshid Amanat on a piece of land donated by the Amanat brothers, and funded by various sources. The fire temple is said to be the only Iran’sZoroastrian fire temple housing Atash Bahram. The latter defines the grade of consecrated fire in the temple, more than it does the temple. It involves the gathering of different types of fire gathered from 16 different sources, including lightning, fire from a cremation pyre, fire from trading places where a furnace is maintained and fires from the hearths of houses.

The fire is inside a bronze vessel and visible only from behind a glass wall. Only priests attached to the fire temple may enter the innermost sanctum. There are no lights in the inner sanctum other than that of the fire itself.

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